pic: [2451 PWNAGE] 2014 IRI Reveal

For the 2014 off season FRC Team 2451 PWNAGE overhauled our robot. The addition of a gryoscope, slip rings, and improved swerve code allowed for the addition a smooth and seamless field-centric drive. The intake arm was then hinged to allow the arm to stay back when shooting

Check out our video highlighting our changes:

Awesome. I love the swerve.
What’s your experience been with them?
What sort of slip rings are you using?

Here is some information about the changes we have made to the robot for IRI. Feel free to ask us any questions you have at IRI or here!

Swerve Module Render

Internal CIM Planetary Swerve (Midwest Swerve)

Wheel Speed:
-CIM, 5” wheel, 8:1 reduction
-Time to 20ft (from standstill): 1.8sec
-Calculated: 14.45ft/sec
-Actual: 11.6ft/sec

Steering Speed:
-Banebot 550, total reduction of 200:1
-Calculated: .67rev/sec

Module Weight:
-7.5lbs per module

[IRI] Improved swerve capability

-added gyro sensors and code to allow for field-centric driving, pirouette maneuvers

-Added slip rings to modules to allow for continuous rotation

Intake Arm Render

Intake Roller Arm

Roller Speed:
-BAG Motor, 20:1 reduction
-18.67 lbs of force at roller contact point
-Linear Speed of roller: 5.73ft/sec

Arm Pivot Speed:
-2x BAG Motors, 276:1 total reduction
-160 ft/lbs of force generated
-Calculated: 151.91deg/sec

[IRI] Added Hinge on Intake Arm

-Actuated pivot position added to actuate roller out of the way of ball when shooting

-No longer rotates intake arm down outside of robot to shoot, roller just hinges back out of the way

-Shot gets off in a quarter-second

[IRI] Other Improvements Made

-Improved autonomous modes, cheesy code for hot 1-ball and hot 2-ball autonomous routines

-Increased range on shot to 11ft window

-Can inbound from front and back now, throw in from back hitting against arm, throw into roller from front


Great improvements to an already fantastic robot. I’m going to have some fun rooting for you guys this weekend.

This makes me really excited about match 17, and to see side-by-side the improvement of both of our robots since week 1 at Central Illinois.

Oh, and hopefully to see Aaron Bailey get 4 FF points in one match.

What slip rings do you use? It’s been a few years, but in 2008 we had difficulties finding COTS slip rings for high power for a reasonable price.

Arm mod is super cool, should help a lot.

Can’t wait to see how you guys do. Looking forward to match 36 :cool:

Amazing improvements to my favorite bot this season. Really want to see a 2451, 1625, 2481 alliance. 3 of the best shooters in the midwest, 2 swerves, 3 2ball autos, 2 division winners and a division finalist. #beastsofthemidweast?