pic: 2473, Cupertino HS Goldstrikers 2015 Robot Reveal

Say hello to the 2015 Season Robot, Dusty VII! Dusty is built to play the 2015 FRC Game, Recycle Rush. The robot can lift a recycling container and place it on a stack of up to 4 plastic totes. Dusty is also built to intake plastic totes and create stacks up to six totes high.

Is that Wheel Tread on your bumpers? I never thought of using that, very good use of materials!

Thank you! Yes, that is indeed wheel tread being used for bumpers. We liked the impact resistance and the small size and weight footprint of the material.

Are you able to manipulate (say turn) the totes using that tread bumper?

No, we haven’t had much success in turning totes with the tread bumper. We do, however, use the bumper in moving totes around. An arm goes out in front of the robot, pulling in the totes against the chassis frame and allowing for landfill clearing.