pic: 2495 new pit banner

One of my students made this with some solidworks renders and photoshop. I thought it was pretty sweet so I figured I’d post it up here. Its printed on a 3’ tall banner and will be hanging from our pit at Lenape this weekend. Come check us out!

Really nice. Your student is talented.

:o And this time the robot won’t jam! knocks on wood

PS- we do have to credit 1114, 254, and 1323 for the examples and inspiration for this style of poster. It is printed out to be 3 feet tall.

did you mount the CIMple box to the mini toughbox mounting plate?

That would be an error I somehow totally missed. Its a toughbox mini. I think we were going to use the cimples earlier on in the season and someone got mixed up here.

Oh well :rolleyes:

Ah. Sorry to rain on your parade. Either way, it’s a good looking flyer.

better to know now then later