pic: 25 climbing the side bar

at NJ, 25 goes for 2 pts on the side bar

Guys, I have to say that appears to be a very clean looking robot! the traction looks attractive too! Mind telling us more?

Love that sign, great bot this year!

we have a suction based ball handler that self adjusts for angular momentum
7 auto modes from all three zones
hang on the side bar (actually built at the NJ Regional for the most part)
the drive train is geared, 4 CIMs 6WD- we use that a lot
brakes if needed

it scores fairly well…
(and a few surprises we haven’t used yet)

You guys should make the sign on the bottom of your bot bigger, I didn’t even notice it when I was watching NJ and you have so much space on there.

I’m not sure they can…That’s weight… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that almost identical to your 2006 drive system? Looks pretty awesome. Skyway BeadLok’s?

The design is indeed similar but modified for the hump and big end differences. The beadlocks are a standard for us and we make them in our wood shop these days. We like the power of the design and the low clearance

How do you guys lost your workshop?? why do you guys choose to use a vacum instead of a ball magnet??:confused: :confused: :confused:

Sweet hanging guys!

DID you guys change your workshop?? the fliming location seems different.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Love the sign.
How’d it climb the bar? I can’t see the mechanism from this side.


You can see the robot elevating itself pretty clearly in this video of our second qualification match at the New Jersey Regional: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLhxs1ZSG5o (start at around ~4:30 if you just want to watch the lift).


That must have taken a lot of torque.

Excellent hanging guys. Every year I have seen 25 in action, you guys never ceased to amaze me. We had a wonderful time playing with you guys in NJ, and I heard you guys did amazing at Vegas this year. Congratulations on everything you guys have done.