pic: 25-match-old andymark treads

This is one of 1281’s corner wheel treads after 25 matches (18 at waterloo and 7 qualifying matches at GTR) playing heavy, physical defense. For a comparison idea of what a tread like this should look like, check out http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/24268

I am fairly certain team 365 was running IFI treads. In the first match of the semifinals at Philly, we pinned them in a corner on the ramp, pushing them in place as they tried to drive down. After the match, there were little crumbs of tread where MOE was and little scrapes in the platform where we were. :ahh: They had to bring out a dust pan to sweep them all up. Two strong drive trains going at it on a low friction surface is quite intense!

Our team used to use natural rubber for treads but it wore down incredibly fast. We would have to replace them every second or third match. Then we found Nitrile conveyor belting (blue) from McMaster-Carr. This roughtop material is very tough and will oulast many natural rubber treads. The downside is that it has slightly less grip because is is harder and doesn’t “grab” the carpet as much as you’d like. For our robot, not needing to constantly worry about the treads was great.

(True story: when our team was at PNW regional last year, we never replaced our tread at all and still ended up first place.)

We are using 6 small kit skyway (wheelchair) wheels with the skin removed. Those will “shed” if say you are pinned on the top of the ramp and you try to push your pinner and their “strategically downed” partner back down their ramp. Well, it “almost” worked, about an inch and one downed supporting bot away from getting 2 of the 3 bots off the ramp an winning the match. Congrats to 291, 177, & 306 for winning the regional and playing good team D.