pic: 254 2010 Gearbox 6

This picture is actually of our roller assembly, not the drive gearbox.

That is a beautiful little clutch pack (I am assuming) I would love to learn more about. Any details available?

I’m with IKE, I’d love to know more about that Clutch.

Looks almost like something out of an RC car.

Looks like the uploader found most of these photos in my Championship album. I took this one right after the gearbox ones because I was interested in the clutch, so that probably explains why it was included.

If there was a robotics equivalent of the Louvre, this would be in it.

Looking at all the photos in the my championship album me thinks someone likes the girl with the long blond hair. :>)

I cannot be sure that 254 ustilized the same one as we did but we got a nice tip from our friends on 973 and 968 about using a clutch on our ball grabber. Made out ball grabber turn out fantastic!

Its a straight COTS part off Mcmaster-carr PN: 9132K13


Looks like a standard adjustable clutch from mcmaster to me.

Miniature slip clutch, mcmaster#9132K11

She’s a student on the team Pat mentors. That’s probably why there are tons of pictures of Nick Lawrence and 1503’s robot as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that black andonized / powercoated Aluminium or delrin?

It’s anodized.