pic: 254/330/4 LA Reg. Finals

This is a picture of Los Angeles Regional Finals match 1. Teams 330/254/4 on red alliance vs. 980/696/580 on the blue alliance.
330 deployed their ramp, and 254 is not touching the ground. Team 4 made it to the the 30 bonus point level.

We had a lot of team members bring in their nikons and take pictures throughout the competition.
We will have more pictures on our Team Website as soon as we collect the pictures from all of the members!

That looks sweet. The ramp robot (Team Unknown) looks like it has a great design. It reminds me of Novi’s, team frog forces, robot. I like that ramp design. Very simple, and better yet very effective. Have you had good luck with those ramps? I really like the blue color. If i would have had more time this year I would have painted our bot, but I just dident have the time, or the money to do so. I think the blue color looks really sweet on both robots, and I can see our team doing that in the future. I would like to go with a gloss black on the drive train, and maybe some metalic orange. That would look sweet and go with our team colors. Great job. These look like some great robots.

wow that’s a very good looking ramp bot

All the blue!!!

The blue robot would be team 330.

That is the blue rampbot, the blue climbing bot is 254.

Actually, all 3 robots are blue.

The one on the left is 254, the Cheesy Poofs. The one in the middle (with the ramps and yellow arm) is 330, The Beach Bots. The one on the right is 4, Team Element.

To be more precise, the blue ramp bot is 330, the tall blue climbing bot is 254 and the short blue climbing bot is 4. :stuck_out_tongue:

This picture is not of the finals match. That alliance was blue during the finals. Also the alliance they went up against (980,696,580) is standing in the background.

I thought 254 was blue and red? What ever hapend to the two-tone paint job?

They collaborated with Team 968 (RAWC) this year, whose robot was virtually identical (except for the red powder coating). So, the red ended up on a different robot.

Their ‘twin’, team 968, is the team with the red paint job. If I remember correctly 254 is always blue.

the poofs changed the shade of that blue a lil bit this year…but im lovin it regardless

anyone have videos of LA?

I think you mean powder coat. :wink: :smiley: No harm done, but there is a difference. In that it still looks nice after a week of regionals. Anyhow, you are correct. 254 is blue, and 968 is red.

Here are some videos of elimination and final matches.


from 696 (sanddrag posted links):

Actually, it was the finals match because it was the only time we were ever on the red alliance.

finals were the only time we weren’t on the red alliance.

Someone messed up the whole “highest seeded alliance is red” thing.

254 has had a little bit of red on at least one of their robots in the past, but the black was still there. Their 2004 robot:


Nope, it’s never been “higher seed red” past the QF. The red/blue carries with the bracket (winner of the 1/8 match-up is red in SF, winner of 4/5 is blue. Winner of that SF becomes red in the finals).

As for the 254 colors, they had a little red in 2004, less in 2005, none in 2006, and a lighter blue in 2007.

Now that I think about it, it does. If we team up with them in ATL… (Not that that’ll happen again.)

Once we had both ramps working and on at the same time (Saturday morning) we started having robots come up. I remember at least two times where a situation appeared like the one seen here: 4 on top on our left ramp and 254 over 4" on the right one. The blue platforms aren’t painted–they’re corrugated plastic that came blue. The metal parts–ramps and frames for the platforms–were spray-painted the night before ship day. What’s really cool is when we have the ramps up and you can see a huge version of our team “logo” in yellow on the platforms–it’s on the underside here.