pic: 254/968 Finished Parts

…and here’s some parts tonight :slight_smile:

Aw, six wheel drive again? I was hoping to see a beautifully machined car-type chassis with independent suspension, disk brakes, and automatic transmission. Then again, those parts still look pretty.

Y’all are working almost as fast as we are. :wink:

Wow… that new CNC being put to good use already.

Yup. It’s been running pretty much 8 hours a day for the last 3 days

It’s cool that we were able to use these same blocks for our current swerve design. It saved a lot of time not having to redesign a similar bearing block specific to our new drivetrain.

Wow… that is the most innocently worded bombshell I have heard all season…

very nice bearing blocks. We just finished making ours too. :smiley:
Yours look like they’ve been wet sanded and polished.:ahh:

No polishing. That’s the finish straight out of the mill.

I am so envious :frowning: