pic: 254/968 Machined Gears

Here’s what 44 gears from AndyMark look like after going on an extensive diet.

They started out at 19 lbs and ended up as seen here at 8.6 lbs for the whole lot of them.

A few gears, how many robots are you planning on making?

are you using all of them in your robot?

Beautiful, as usual!

Knowing how you guys like to machine stuff, I never thought you actually bought your gears from AndyMark, it would make much more sense to machine them from massive high-grade steel lingots. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our lightning pattern looks a lot like those in the center gears, except, of course, we use decent metric gears, not this Imperial DP nonsense :smiley:


There are actually more not pictured, but those aren’t for 254/968 :wink:

These gears look great, I hope our set gets here soon.

k, the possible association of 148, 217, 254, 968, and 1114 is driving me crazy:

  • thunderchickens dropping parts off for 148 and others
  • 254 asking the thiunderchickens about their swerve
  • paul talking to Karthik 4 times a week
  • whatever else that i missed

What does this all mean!!??!! :confused:

  • I’m dieing to find but guess we’ll wait and see!

Or is this a Big mind trick :rolleyes:

How much are customs fees?

Copioli knows a guy who works with a guy who …


Actually, that is not really far from the truth. We have a job Ford in Oakville, Ontario that brings me to Canada once per week. The first set of stuff was driven over in my car as “demonstration items” for the customer. The fees for that are $0.


We received our set yesterday and I will have them to you Friday.


Oh My God!

254, 968, 217, 1114 - all together?
How the heck is anybody supposed t fight that?
Good luck thoough to anyone who tries to, ain’t gonna be easy…

The same way you normally do when they are separate–figure out a strategy that can beat theirs! (Fortunately for us, none of them will be at L.A…968 will be in Hawaii.)

148, 217, 254, 968, 1114, 1115, 1116, 1117, 1118, 1119, 1503, and 1680 all together!?! Wow, what a collaboration!!!one!!!11!!!eleven!!!wildstang1!!!
:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

Poor them though, all those teams together working on a clearly inferior design…

are you using super shifters instead of your awesome custom gearbox? please say no, i love them! or are you just using andymark gears for a new version of the 1 lb wonder?