pic: 254/968 Powder Coated Parts

254/968 Powder Coated Parts

the only thing that can be said is :ahh: WOW!:ahh:

purty purty.

It looks like a VERY PRETTY forklift of some kind. Why didn’t you go with the double jointed arm?

A poof forklift! Looks awesome, seems like a simple and effective design (as always :cool: )

First thing I noticed though: the In’n’out on the table in the back. Yummmm :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they 5 foot class?

nice. What do they do?

Yes, it is in the 5’ class.

Looks great! I can’t wait to see it on Saturday!

Is that blue lighter than 254’s shade from the past few years? Looks that way

It’s definitely a lighter blue (personally, I’m a fan of the dark cobalt shade they had for the past few years)

Elevator is probably a lighter weight solution too

Looks nice! I look forward to competing with you guys at SVR.

What’s the time to go from ground to top goal scoring height?

he, hehe, hehehehe. You don’t wanna know. :smiley:

I spy sideplates over the wheels?

It looks a lot lighter in the pictures than it actually is in person. We vastly prefer it to the navy that it was last year. Im told that the 2005 and 2004 bots looked almost the same color when they first came back from the paint shop, and over time darkened up, so we’ll see.

<1 sec

Yup, we got tired of other robots ending up inside of ours, because of having such a low base, so we’ll have polycarb side shields to prevent that this year.

Are you worried about problems with the inertia of the lift moving it that far, that fast?


They just made those for fun. The real machine is back there sitting on the bench :yikes: :smiley:

We’ll see, once we actually have a robot that works :wink: we plan on having preset buttons for each row, so Im sure if it’s an issue we can have it slow down as it approachess the correct height,

Those are for 1868, the other team that works in our lab :wink:

I’m guessing they wont make it since this is taken from the poofs shop.

We’re making a late night run down to LA tomorrow night to swap parts.