pic: 254/968 robots unveiled


Check back here in a couple hours, and there will be pictures of the completed bots (and maybe a little something extra ;))

That’s mean!!!:mad:

(But I’ll wait)

you evil evil man…my hopes were so high! haha =P can’t wait to see them. Your robots are some of the nicest ones out there!
hopefully there is a video!

Team #8 (my team) will be competing against 254 at both SVR and vegas! should be fun!

Poop! Poopy poop-head!

Yeah… but atleast they’re posting something…

I can’t wait to see them in person on thursday. As soon as I get the robot ready for the programmers, I will be drooling in your pits. Hopefully the pits are in sequential order, then I won’t have to walk far.

You watch your phrasiology, young man!

Man I almost exploded, 469, 1114 and 254/968 in one day, this is the greatest day in my life.

I screamed in excitement when I saw the title… then screamed in anguish whent I saw the post.

Either just do it or wait until competition. Torture is not fun (and may be rewarded by stuffing you in a bunch of ringers).

I got excited when i saw it but then i couldnt find it in the image gallery so i knew something was up… Still pretty funny

You mean the pictures posted on your website AREN’T your robot? Geez, you guys must have a lot of free time… Nice Blue Powdercoating, btw.


So when is 70 adn 494 twins going to be unveiled or have they already?:smiley:

Since it’s not a surprise anymore…here it is. (link to be inserted when picture is approved).

We were going to wait so we could post both together, but 968 can post theirs later tonight.

I found something here:

Also, the picture can be enlarged by saving the image to your desktop and zooming in.

so the ramps mentioned on the website…are they not on the bot?

either they didn’t have time to attach them, or their just not showing us…

See the thread for discussing the picture that was just uploaded–they’ll have 'em, they just ain’t on yet.

Further discussion of the robot should be directed here http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=55332