pic: 254/968 Swerve Modules!

And to think, some of you doubted us! Here’s the proof!

WOW, :eek:

I honestly didn’t think you were serious. I bet this will be a design that raises the bar for swerve drive.

Can’t wait to see it.


This will be epic.

Just as I thought!
Another amazing 254/968 drive train!
Great job!

This reminds me alot of the thunderchickens swerve. I know there have been others but I was looking at it reciently so it is the one I think of with this style of single part design. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/img/68c/68c6528ee6c2c3b003a15fc31ddcdbc2_l.jpg

edit: I realized it would alot less obnoxious with a link then the embedded photo.

:eek: is that a casting that’s machined? a huge block of machined aluminum? either way, ahh!

Amazing! Can’t wait to see it in action. Where are you all going?


Very cool, I was hoping you weren’t kidding about the swerve drive! Can you tell us the dimensions of them? They look pretty small (at least compared to other team’s swerve modules).

dang thats cool. This shall be a swerve of epic greatness…

Although I can’t think of any other uses for these parts, I am still reluctant to believe that there is a swerve drive in the works. For one, I don’t see how the previously posted bearing blocks fit into these parts (and I somehow doubt that 254/968 would spend their time machining a ton of bearing blocks just to throw them away).

Is it a coinsidence that NASA just prototyped a swerve drive lunar bot?

dont you mean, “here’s the poof” ?
mike d

Are these going to weigh 1.3 pounds and take one minute to assemble as well?

Those are some wicked sweet clevises.

(I’m not from New England, but I visited there last week. :cool: )

It’s all a part of their master plan. For the past three years, Travis has been posting beautiful photographs that are almost too good to be real. Now people are used to it, so he slips in a rendering, and everyone thinks it’s real.

Well, 254 seems to be building a drive base for a team that shares their shop… So maybe those parts were for them?

Anyway, whatever these end up doing, they sure do look beautiful!

you guys are insane…

Hmm… Blue wheels on a PINK robot, a Cheesy swerve that RAWC’s, and some Cheesy Cookies that are out of this world.

Should be an interesting season, eh? :cool:

Correction… they’ve helped make a few parts for the drivetrain.

Cool. I have a friend who just joined that team. Sounds like a fun program.

Can’t wait to see what that RAWC/Poof Leviathan is this year…

How were those machined? Was it an aluminum block milled down?

Maybe it was 1/4in rectangle bar placed in a CNC bender. Either way, those are beautiful pieces.