pic: 254 and 968 on Newton

I remember watching this match. Wasn’t 1503 on the red alliance? I never thought I’d see so many powerhouse teams in one qaualifying match, let alone the 254/968 alliance. :ahh:

Newton was by far the most exciting field to watch, and that match was no exception.

Mike C.

Kind of interesting they didn’t load the balls right up to their shooter. I wonder why. Great picture though. EDIT: Oops, guess I wasn’t looking closely enough.

Yep… it was 1503, 322, and 397 on the red alliance. The red alliance was able to pull out the victory in this match.

Wow, my dad looks bored.

(blue shirt, right hand side)

If you look closely both teams actually did have balls in the rear chute. We had them spaced ~1 ball apart since we were using a starting box autonomous mode and needed some time for the wheel to spin back up before feeding another ball. 254 had them almost touching, as they drove up ~12 feet before shooting. 254’s hopper looks full because they funnel their balls higher in the hopper.

It was a great match! Unfortunately, we drove backwards down the ramp and ended up tipping in the first period with only 25 seconds on the clock.

322 played AMAZING defense in this match… Overall a very close match

Does anyone know what match number this was?


I think it was match 7. It was the first match we were in.

it was match 11