pic: 254 Inspired Shooter

A 254 inspired shooter design.

Hello CD,
I’m looking for some feedback on this shooter design. I don’t have too much experience with designing things like this, so any feedback is helpful. The shooter is definitely different from 254’s (no one way bearings, etc.), but it is definitely inspired by theirs. Thanks!

Looks pretty good. Few questions / concerns:

  • the standoffs in the front are very thin, and how do u plan to get a bolt/rod in the middle section, right now it seems you just have a bolt on either side.

  • what shooter wheel are you using? Seems too wide to be a fairlaine.

  • what is the backing made of? I assume it’s 3d printed.

What is the pulley ratio between the shooter wheel and the flywheel?

-I agree that the standoffs are pretty thin for their use. They are unthreaded spacers from McMaster with the ID for no. 8 screws. For some reason, I can’t find anything for a no. 10 screw ID that is greater than 6" long on McMaster. Have any ideas? The middle section isn’t actually bolted to the standoffs, it has holes the same size as the OD of the standoffs, so they just past through. The middle plate is retained side to side by the hoods in the back as well as the bearing and spacer setup in between the two shooter wheels that you can’t really see in the render.

-They are two Fairlane wheels for either side of the shooter. They are mated together in the CAD, so when rendered they kinda looked joined into one.

-Yeah. The two hoods are 3D printed.

Thanks for the feedback!

There is a 5:1 ratio from the 775pro driving the shooter wheel and a 1.67:1 ratio from the flywheel to the shooter wheels.

Take a look at 92377A310 or 92377A100. That’s #10 polypropylene spacer stock that you can cut to whatever length you want, up to 12".

Thanks! How do those hold up against aluminum spacer stock?

I’ve used them for various things over the years and have never had a problem with them. They weren’t being put under much force, but they did their job just fine. If you search McMaster for unthreaded spacer stock you should get a bunch of different sizes and materials. They had some sizes in aluminum if you prefer.

Check out the Mcmaster listing for simple Aluminum Round Tube.

We like to use 9056K62 which has a 0.152" ID, close enough to the tap drill diameter for a #10-32 we can drill it out with a #21 drill and then tap by hand. We use this when we make long standoffs where we tap both ends. For shorter standoffs, like in gearboxes, we’ll use unthreaded aluminum (often pre-anodized black) spacers and put the threads into a plate or rect tube.

Thanks for the advice! McMaster has almost everything, it’s just a matter of finding it.

548 used Vex tube axle stock and #10 threaded rod for our split-shooter design.