pic: 254 Presents: Slipstream

Team 254, the NASA Ames Robotics Cheesy Poofs, proudly present our 2011 robot, Slipstream.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJVGgaAJefo

Slipstream will compete in March and April 2011 at the San Diego Regional, Silicon Valley Regional and the FIRST Championship.

Team 254 is sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center, BAE Systems, Pacific Coast Metal, Gilbert Spray Coat, Pacific Precision, Lian-Mueller Enterprises, Advanced Welding, All Weld Machine and Fabrication, Good Plastics, Hewlett Packard, Trimberger Family Foundation, Vivid-Hosting & Bellarmine College Preparatory


Actually, I really would have expected nothing less from one of the best teams in FIRST.

254’s 2007 robot played such a large part in the inspiration of our robot this season, and this machine shows exactly what the “masters” of the elevator lift are capable of…

I love it!

Good luck this weekend and season. Can’t wait to see this machine in action.

Beautiful! The best roller claw I have seen this season!

Fantastic machine.

Please tell me that your Minibot was Powder-coated Blue and Black as well.

Beautiful as always!
What is the top speed of the drive? Beginning of every year I think of how fast Cheesy Poofs will go and hope we get to 80% of that number.


I don’t think you can powder coat any surface that makes contact with the pole or deployment mechanism since then it could be considered a ‘functional’ decoration. Powder coating changes the friction coefficients. That’s not to say the necessary areas can’t be taped off though.

I always love the simple looks of the poof bots. They always make the design process look easy, and it always seems like there’s so much to learn just from 1 picture. I like how the panels are arranged, giving the robot some reflective flare while allowing the robot to still look like a robot.

2 minor questions:
Is that a CAT5 cable coming out the bottom of the lift? Is that for sensor runs?
Is that a pneumatic quick release for inter-match charging?

Hella fatty wicked awesome. totally miley cyrus.

Bad. $@#$@#$@#.

Good luck guys.


lol Cali kids.

Great elevator as usual. Like the name too!

Looks oddly familiar…

Robots in disguise. . . :rolleyes:

Lovin’ the Deception, Nick! :wink:

I’m absolutely loving that cover for the wireless bridge.

As a TF nerd, I am now a huge fan of your robot. That is very awesome!

Also, If I am not mistaken, the name indicates that your robot is female :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re all female… like cars, ships, and airplanes.

You guys should name your minibot “Mini-Con.”

The first thought that went through my head when I saw your robot was
“that can’t be real time”

Anyways, can you detail a bit more about your drive train?

Does this mean I can post pictures now? :smiley:

For people asking about drive- it’s fast. Really really fast. Scary fast sometimes, especially if you’re the one driving (our robot has the same drive and sometimes it’s practically uncontrollable. We’re working on that…).

You guys did an amazing job this year. It was an honor and a privilege to see Slipstream come together and I am 10000x more proud of our robot because they share some components.

Also, thank god you didn’t name it Ravage.

Beautiful, elegant bot. (Loving the decals)

Interested to see the deployment in action this weekend.

I’m excited for SVR in a few weeks–it’s looking to be another great year for everyone.