pic: 254 silicon valley regional moving shot

Team 254 sat morning of the silicon valley regional flying around the field. The yellow flag was issued after ramming 1280 accidental or not it was hard…no hard feeling it happends. Love that robot

Nice shot. Find the missing part!:eek:

Hint: it’s blue

By far one of the most impressive hurdlers out there this year. Once your drivers got used to this machine, you guys were off to the races. It was fun to play defense against you guys. Best of luck at Hawai’i, and if we go, I hope we meet in Atlanta. Maybe next time we’ll play defense for you and not against you.

that T shaped thing on the front of their chassis did fall off then! I heard about it but I wasn’t sure. I guess it was due to a collision with the aluminum blocks at the base of the lane divider.

Yes thats true, during a collision with the field, we believe in autonomous, the front ‘T’ piece did fall off. It seems like the weld holding that piece to the rest of the rest of the base was not that strong:(

is that why you guys disabled your autonomous?

Yeah, we decided at the time that things were not working right and it was not worth the risk of another accident like that, especially with the piece already missing another similar uncontrolled collision might have been too harmful.

That and our programmer doesn’t really know what he is doing :wink:

What part of the robot was it that popped the balls? I saw 2-3 get popped by you guys. I hope its fixed!

As far as we know it’s no flaw of our robot.

Every metal surface that is anything other than totally smooth is covered with roughtop tread.

From watching the videos again, it seemed like the balls were popping whenever we were being pushed into something by other robots either very hard, or at high speed.

Since they weren’t putting new balls out, and were just taping up the old ones from what I could see from the stands/other side of the field, I think that also had something to do with it. The tape was probably just blowing off the holes whenever the ball got compressed between our robot and said stationary object.

the bumpers really hurt the robot’s beauty. Still looks phenomenal and now I’m quite mad for missing SVR and this robot.

Did you guys ever name your 2008 robot? It looked like some kind of alien; very threatening looking mouth parts… :cool:

It looks like something the Covenant would build.

Our robot’s name is Barricade, we named it after the GT-500 from the Transformers movie.


that is one hell of a robot. Beautiful to say the least.
I agree that bumpers take away from the beauty and craftmanship of the bot.
We felt the same way about ours, but they are necessary.
Our robot took some lickens in the front where there is no bumper.
We plan to add one now since it hits our claws when hitting a wall.:eek: