pic: 2559 Normality Zero 2016 Drive Train v1

Here is team 2559 Normality Zero’s drive train for the 2016 season!

Like it, but my gut says that you should be better cross bracing. Right now that middle link acts as a two force member that can only transmit tension/compression, not bending or shearing forces.

I’d be weary of damaging the internals of the battery with its flat position, especially with the high shock nature of this game around the outer works. Is this an issue that was considered in the design and is there a way you’re going to prevent any battery damage?

I’ve never heard of this being an issue before. Hundreds of teams have run batteries flat in the robot for years without issue. There are even COTS products available to assist in teams securing batteries laid flat on the chassis. What components of the battery do you suspect would be more suceptible to damage in this orientation?

In any case, the battery in this photo is clearly very well secured, with structure on all sides of it and a tight strap across the open side.

Can’t really see the front of the robot too well, but I trust you’re obeying R19 and R26?

Since my rookie year, I’ve been indoctrinated to avoid flat battery placement for the sake of reducing risk of plate cracking. We’ve put batteries flat before too, but that was for off season robots meant for smooth surface driving. Maybe it’s just my team that thinks this. This game may have a few more high-flying bumps than previous games, and it’s why I bring this up. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have. Perhaps this kind of jarring movement would put any batteries at risk regardless of orientation.

All I can see is your pile of 9 fluke multimeters.:ahh:

Haha, our school is a career/vocational school, so those fluke meters actually are property of the school, however, our robotics team is allowed to use them.

While the bumpers are not currently on the frame, we will be able to abide by those rules.

The mounting and positioning of the battery on this chassis are not finalized, this current configuration was just for prototyping purposes. The battery will not be mounted in the back for weight distribution purposes. You bring up a very good point regarding the “shock” this game will have, we have realized this already, and will most likely place the battery elsewhere.

There will be more cross/bracing support once the other mechanical mechanisms have been mounted… however, from our testing, this frame seems to be very sturdy!

What robot speed are you geared with the toughboxes? Looks like direct drive and 8in wheels which others have mentioned they had turning issues.

Those wheels are spaced pretty far apart. Do you guys bottom out when crossing the Rock Wall or Moat?