pic: 256 2012 CAD

A small CAD of our 2012 bot. (I admit, we did a little to much rendering for the balls)

There’s no such thing as too much rendering… It looks good - great job.

How much does it weigh and what is the thickness on the extrusion?

Don’t quote me, but I think it’s 3/4 inch. The old one weighed 120, but with this new one it will weigh a lot less. The base without the top frame is about 13.5 pounds, and the top frame is about 12 pounds. This is still without any motors, wheels, etc. So for the frame, about a little over 25 pounds total. :ahh:

I just shocked myself at that number.

Things are subject to change with testing.

If that is true I am shocked you guys are under 120lbs. Most teams that I know of either use 1/16" or 1/8" thick extrusion. Solidworks is showing me that a 12in piece of 3/4" 6061 Aluminum weighs 0.88lbs.

Wait. I may be mixing up what an extrusion is. What is your definition of extrusion? Like what part of the robot?

Extrusion is the box aluminum on your robot that the chassis and superstructure is made up of. Most teams use 1x1" boxed aluminum that is 1/16" or 1/8" thick.

Oh! Ok! Thanks. I believe it’s 1/8th. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t too thin.

OK, that sounds better. CAD looks very good. Now what you guys need to do is CAD up the electronics. Then it will look amazing.

Thanks! Our CAD team is doing that as we speak, though it may take a while to transition between our old robot and the new one. We’re loosing space, and we were tight as it is on the old one.

Mount your electronics sideways.

If you think you don’t have any room, try having a short widebot with no room in the middle to put stuff. That’s all I have the clearance to say :smiley:

That’s how they are on our old robot. Thanks for the advice, though!

It looks like your intake is a series of rotating paddles? Why do that instead of just rollers or a conveyor system leading to the vertical conveyor?

Interesting shooter design, how have the results with that setup been so far?

Our intake is rotating rubber hose. It slows down the balls no matter what speed they come in, and feed them to our elevator/storage system at a constant speed. We decided to use this system because we thought it would make it easiest to pick up from both sides, and it was what was available to us at both sides. It also plays into our strategy in the event one of the balls gets jammed, we can reverse the rollers and spit out the balls without getting rid of the ones in the elevator. Furthermore, we can use that to feed balls to an alliance member if needed. It’s a pretty good kicker.

The shooter results have been excellent! Instead of having control over the horizontal angle of the shooter via a turret, we decided to have vertical control by being able to change the shooting angle, and the shooting power, if needed. It executes beautifully, and gives us consistent scores on the middle and top hoops.

What did you use to CAD this? It looks wonderful! I hope you do well at your regional(s)!

Thanks! We used Pro/E (also called creo). I hope your team excels in its regionals too!