pic: 256 ready to dump

256 might not be much to look at, but it was quite effective at dumping out a dozen balls at a time into an unguarded corner goal. (Somehow, they were able to avoid incursion issues.)

Anyone know what year this is? I need the year for the new website.

2006, Aim High!

Don’t remember your rookie year? :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that a lot of people use the year they joined the team as their rookie year instead of the game year. But, a lot of people use the game year.

I’d suspect that he remembers his rookie game, Rack 'n Roll, (2007) just fine, but not the year before (Aim High, 2006).

Now, the stuff that nobody sees anymore:

  1. Note that the bumpers don’t go all the way around, and are brown instead of red or blue. Bumpers were optional that year.
  2. Next to that small white flag, there is a piece of PVC with a cap on the bottom. Alliance identification was a bicycle flag stuck in that piece of PVC.
  3. IFI radio, 'nuff said.

I put my rookie year as the year I started FIRST, in FLL, not when I joined the team. I was a freshman last year, and joined the team then, too. I saw this robot with our team number on it, and was curious as to when it was made. I thought aim high, but was unsure, since the team has been going since '99.

Thanks for your replies, though!