pic: 258 Sea Dawgs Concept

This is the concept for our multi-purpose arm. It grabs a big ball, sweeps small balls, and hangs from any direction (from the carpet or either step). It uses a 2" bore pneumatic cylinder to hold the gripper in various positions. If you look closely, you can see our "stretcher drive" that allows us to climb a 6 inch step without tilting or changing the robot height.

That’s pretty awesome! How close is the robot to the concept?

There are some more pics posted earlier by Bill Gold showing the actual robot. We removed a few frame tubes to reduce weight. But other than that, the robot looks a lot like the concept-- even down to the lightening holes.

Excellent diagrams.
Which software did you used? was it inventor?

These diagrams can make a great presentation or story board at the pits.
A lot of teams do not display their brainstorming and design work to the judges. I know a lot of the judges want to view the student’s ideas and its relationship to the final product.

The pics were generated in Inventor and then imported into PowerPoint.
You can either “save as” a bitmap within Inventor, or you can do a “shift-printscreen” and paste it into a photo editor. For this particular slide, I exported it as a .gif and specified white as a transparent color. This makes it much nicer to manipulate in PowerPoint.

This was pretty much our final design. We only made slight modifications after this slide was created.