pic: 2587 DiscoBots Teaser 1

One of our Vex Gateway bots wearing a prototype bridge manipulator from our 2012 FRC bot, “Laser Dragon”.

The robot pictured above, “Zelociraptor II” (2587z), features a pneumatic powered arm and an 8 motor drive train. It has been dubbed “zippy” by match announcers.

Laser dragon showcase post with video: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=103739

Laser Dragon daily build log: http://2012.discobots.org/node/31

Awesome picture.

Is it just me… or does that look like a really small bot?

So…I’m thinking this either a. shopped. or b. an FTC robot put into an FRC setting. Looks like the latter.

Whether or not that is their actual robot, building an exceedingly small robot is possible. Team 102’s 2008 robot is a good example.

I love this picture, whether it truly is a teaser or not.

This for some reason doesn’t look much like this

It’s FTC. Notice the HiTechnic motor/servo controllers inside.:rolleyes:


or this :smiley: :