pic: 2587- Week 3 2009 Robot


Picture taken at the end of week 3 with dual shooters and collector for balls. The frame is c-frame with standard toughbox drive. The Rollers are pool noodles driven by globe motors. Each shooter is driven by a CIM and a 4:1 toughbox with 8" IFI wheels.

Love the dual shooter concept. That’s something we thought of too.
Can’t wait to see it at Lone Star.

I like the way you used the toughbox supports.

Spray and Pray!..though the increase in turrets might help with the number of game pieces in the opponet’s trailer…but u will run out of balls twice as fast…and if there are 6 bots continously picking up game pieces then keeping ammo might be an issue.

We shoot balls around 1.5 balls per second, We also hold about 25 balls.

I wonder what other teams’ ball statistics will be ?

Those are impressive numbers to be sure…but you only start a round with 7 balls. Is there that much point in making a bot that can hold more than, say 10?

Yes, you could then score >10 in one shot. If you can only score the 7 that you’re given then you have to go get 7 more and then score again. Trust me, picking balls up is much easier than scoring them.

Daaang nice robot, you should come over to our school and build ours for us D:

We have an open door policy. Any teams in the Houston Area are welcome to drop by our school. We can also help debug controller problems! We meet MWF afterschool and all day Saturdays.

If you need orbit balls, PM me.

Yeah, but in order to shoot a minimum of 7 it would still require ur enemy to stay relatively (to ur bot) still for a little over 4 seconds in order to get the game pieces into the enemy’s trailer.

Also, the fixed foreward-facing turrets means that u have a blind spot 3/4 of the way around your bot. Not much to keep people from sneaking up behind you, hard as that would be.

Very cool design…really like the dual roller idea!
Best of luck at the competitions!
Are you guys going to MN this year?