pic: 258's Electronics Board

Well, this is, more or less, the electronics board that we’ll be using on our full robot.

Two 3/16" polycarbonate sheets for the first and second layers of the board serve as mounting surfaces for all of the electronic components.

The first layer, seen easilly, contains practically everything, except for the 120Amp breaker, and the RC. Eight speed controllers, four relays, the Maxi breaker panel, and the main breaker panel can be seen. Wiring was done using a main route from the +12 and GND sides of the speed controllers to the breaker panels to which they belong. M+ and M- are all facing outwards, on the sides of the board.

Plexiglass cylinder stock, drilled and tapped for 8-32 machine screws, serve as standoffs for the second layer of the board, seen on its side, here. The RC is the only component on the second layer, so it’s not really necessary to show you more than you see, as is.

We like pullties, as though you couldn’t tell. :slight_smile: