pic: 260 pts by the Winners of the Peachtree Regional [Finals Match]

i apologize for the darnkess of the photo, but click on this and see the awesomeness of the peachtree regional’s winning alliance’s top score

260 points
no ramp
just tubes

one of our MCs Sir Charles was FREAKIN out at this - he took pictures, yelled and everything - along with everyone else in the room

the mc’s actually made a promise to anyone who got the 256 row that they would give the alliance 256 [basically all you can eat] Krispy Kreme doughnuts
and i heard that they got the doughnuts to the teams later =]

wow! Awesome job! I think this is the first complete row I’ve seen so far…

they actually havent gotten the donuts to the teams yet
they didnt have them there
our team also scored a row of 8 in the quarterfinals, winning 256-0
the donuts will be delivered to our school
still very rare though, only happened twice in the regional, or i only saw 2

We (1848) were on that alliance (filling in for 1539) with 1369 and 1127, but as that wasn’t the first row of 8, I don’t think it qualified for the krispy kreme.