pic: 2637 Electronics Teaser

This is the progress of our electronics board v1. Soon we plan to transfer it onto a lexan board. I was really trying to make an super organized board, any suggestions? Comment? Questions?

One thing my team (as well as others) has done when using the 8 slot crio is ziptie the digital sidecar on top of the unused crio slots.

It looks very neat compared to most teams.

For the highest levels of neatness, here’s a few tips:

-Run all wires in columns. So there would be column along the PD board, which makes a right turn to the plywood bridge, goes across, makes a right turn and then down the alley of talons. Face all of the talons with either power on the inside (so the center column in a 2x3 grid of talons has power in, and the outer columns have power out) or the same direction. Again, right turns around every corner, no cutting corners.

-Run PWMS first, under everything else. They are smaller and easier to manage.We usually run a column down the side of the DSC that goes to the talons or victors.
–Glue the PWM connections, we use silicone but I’ve heard hot glue works as well.

-Keep the main battery cable as short as possible. If the battery goes where the outline next to the main breaker is, then optimally the red wire between the battery connector and the main breaker is ~3in and the black is ~6in. The short red wire to the PD board is good.

-Strain relieve all wires to the board within a few inches of their device, usually using zip tie pads or holes through the material.

-Zip tie all wire bundles to either a zip tie pad or a hole in the material, every few inches (~6in).

-We have never used fans with our talons, and never had issues. Weight is weight.

-Don’t wire over anything, always around.

Wasn’t there a recent post by an inspector that stated gluing pwm connectors was illegal?

Keep your speed controllers near your PDB. The shorter your power wires the better.

I’m concerned about where your radio is, since I’m assuming this is going in the belly of your frame. Make sure your radio isn’t close to any motors (especially CIMs) and not near any metal in general.

And here we go again. :rolleyes:

I guess somebody had to say it.

Please, guys, don’t let this thread get consumed with the FRC Civil War that is the debate of hot glue on pwms. :ahh:

I think Ill hot glue it, and if an inspector comments Ill remove the hot glue it, Im sure he will be fine. :cool:

It is actually the far corner of our bot, a little more visible then it was last year, it should be better than last year and there was nothing wrong with last years placement. thanks for the advice though :smiley:

also thanks for everyone’s input, I can never get over how helpful everyone on Chief Delphi is.