pic: 2659 2017 Off-Season Robot

Great looking robot Trav

Really liking the pickup on this thing, but the number of rivets seems like SERIOUS overkill (unless it was to train freshman).

Quick question about the bottom roller: It seems as if it is driven off of the top roller shaft, which would make it rotate in the same direction as the top roller. I imagine this must be the perspective I am seeing it at.

My guess is that the bolt in the side plate is just for a tensioner and the chain does go to the driving shaft rather than the driven shaft on the top.

If you look closely, the chain is going to the lower axis, which is driven directly from the gearbox, where the top roller is driven from the gearbox by the gears outboard of the unit, reversing the direction.

So, how do you actually hang a gear on a peg? It looks like you are either holding the gear securely, in which case it cannot slide axially, or you’re just letting it go.

Overkill, certainly. However, it’s extremely stiff at the base which allows us to take a few hits. My only fear is having too large of deflection with the plates themselves near the shafts but we haven’t seen any issues thus far.

GeeTwo is correct about the bottom shaft rotating in the opposite direction. As far as scoring goes, we gently push the gear our of the claw so we aren’t launching the gear and back up. I’ve added a link to a video below.

2659 Gear Scoring

This is the worst Universal ride I’ve ever seen. Where do I even sit?

Do I spy some of our VersaPlanataries ;)?

Beautiful robot guys, very nicely done.

Yeah it’s pretty terrible. A bunch of people have been complaining about being stuck on the velcro when trying to get off.

You know it! :wink: (Thanks again for the help man!)

The gear mech looks familiar! :wink:

Just a note, 1678 ended up swapping out the 3/8 7075 hex “pop up bar” with 3/8 fiberglass rod and glued the gear to the rod. We had lots of issues with the aluminum hex bending, deforming, and not picking up well after that happened. We went all of Chezy Champs without a failure on the fiberglass rod retrofit. Just food for thought!

Looks great!


What kind of glue did you use?

Direct inspiration came for it once I saw the Houston champs matches under the Airships. :slight_smile: (Being able to eject it right on to the peg is really efficient)

Bottom roller is 1/2" thunderhex so I’ll have my fingers crossed that the increase in cross-sectional area will be sufficient for the bending moment. We’ll have spares at the ready if permanent deformation occurs.

Nice looking robot! I’ve been working on a gear mechanism similar to yours, but can’t get the spacing right… would you mind posting some detailed specs/CAD? Thanks!

The robot is so awesome, it worked really well in Beach Blitz so that we got finalist and the most improved robot award. It did much better in MTTD quals, but failed so close to get into semi. :-/
Well, good luck on next year team, I want to see the hard work and time we have paid will turn out well in Power Up!