pic: 271 2016

271’s 2016 Robot for The Blue Alliance

Edit: Here is a gif of it shooting http://imgur.com/pNixZNF

If I counted this correctly, I see 100 bearings alone in the drive train… WOW!

Whoa, that bot looks amazing! Can’t wait to compete with you this weekend. :slight_smile:

96, 4 are for our shooter :slight_smile:

And thanks Vale, it’s always a pleasure competing with you!

Ooooh that’s pretty. Glad you guys have everything ready for Sbpli. If you need any help I’ll be floating around all 3 days (running the livestream). $500 for just bearings :). How heavy is each module? Also how is the turn scrub? Do you have a wheel drop on the center wheel?

Thanks! Almost ready for SBPLI, working on our tweaks as we speak. The bearings actually cost us only like $1.50-$2 each or something like that since we ordered in bulk. I don’t have a weight on each module, but the entire base + all electronics is <75lb, there is 0 turning scrub, and the drop is 1/8 spread across the wheels.

Here is a CAD view without the outter plate

This thing looks awesome. Look forward to seeing you guys this weekend