pic: 2775 2010 Robot


Easily one of the coolest robotics videos I’ve ever seen. I love seeing the evolution of your robot. This is just awesome. I wish our team took the time to do something like this during build.

I can’t wait to see the robot in action!


PS - This reminds me of one of my favorite sequences from the Beatty 2002 season video.

Wow. That Video may be the most awesome robot unveiling I’ve ever seen.

The robot looks pretty cool too. :smiley:

That is one of the coolest robot videos I have ever seen. I can imagine how difficult it was to get all those pictures. I can’t even imagine pulling off a video like this.

Right up there with Wildstang Encore in terms of awesomeness. Good luck, I hope you guys win St. Louis so I can check this out at Championship.

Jeez! Take it easy guys…or Greg’s going to start wanting latte’s delivered to him at the build site!


Thanks for the compliments, we are hoping to make it to Atlanta as well! fingers crossed


Very cool video!
Wish I could see it up close.

Congrats team DeWalt! Slick looking machine.

Awesome video!

Oh, and the robot is great, too! :smiley:

John gets iced mochas delivered to him…

Great video, but it made me dizzy

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

Thanks. AWESOME video. I also hope I’m able to see this robot in person, ever since you released your bump teaser I’ve been anticipating good things.

Good luck!

I really wish youtube wasn’t blocked at work right now.

Ok, I’ll explain it to you frame by frame…
First it start off with a soccer ball…
On second thought it would be better if you waited until you got home.
Our youtube gets blocked sometimes too. Annoying:mad:

Proxies are the way to go for robot-related access!

not when your school blocks them all lol

The frame doesn’t show up until a few snap shots later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make your own then! You’ll learn a fair bit about web development. :slight_smile:

No one dies if you are wondering!

Really nice robot 2775!

You act like he doesn’t already have lattes delivered to him at the build site… well, if not lattes, hot chocolate, at least.