pic: 2775 Teaser 2

Underside shot of Jackson Area Robotics’s robot for 2010. Video coming soon

There’s no way with over 20 views, no one else noticed the robot is ELEVATED. Clever.

I saw it. I also noticed the rocker bogies. Skateboard or possibly rollerblade wheels on the kicker. I’d also guess that it might go under the tunnel, but that would depend on how far the arm collapses.

I think it is just a sexy bot with 8 wheels! We only have 6. LAME!

I like the dewalt transmission for what I assume to be the kicker. Set up for not backdriving, right? How does it disengage? What are you using for springs?

I’d love to see this hook.

Looks like they’ve got a CIM on a DeWalt for the lift, and a FP in a DeWalt (covered all the way up, shnazzy, they cut ours too far for that some reason :() for the kicker (probably). I didn’t notice the Rocker-Bogie suspension, seriously nice job! Do you mind making a second robot and mailing it to me?

Looks to me like the CIM is winching the kicker and the FP is on ball magnet duty.

That’s a beautiful robot, and I can’t even see the lift mechanism!

Yes the dewalt holds the kicker back. The release is done by a mechanism which is still a secret :slight_smile: All I can say is that the CIM into the DeWALT is the only motor involved with the kicker and we are not using pneumatics and the springs being used are surgical tubing.

The kicker is powered by a CIM NBD, The ball magnet is a FP NBD, and the hanging is also powered by a FP NBD

You are right, and thanks!