pic: 2775 twins ready to play.

Right before the one on the left was boxed and taken to St.louis. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Good luck everyone.

The twins look great! Good luck with your “Rookie” year. Heh

Well isn’t that interesting…

That’s a sweet scoring/collecting mechanism! How long does it take to bring the basket up/down?

It is about a second from bottom to top and the same going down.

I have to say that this is one of the most creative designs I have seen so far. I would have never thought of an elevator basket. nice job, and looks good to.

Thanks, after much testing we were scared of deformed balls and conveyors so this way we don’t have to deal with it. If the roller can pickup the ball in the first place it can spit it out the same way.


The basket can hold ~14 balls and as Greg said moves up/down in about a second and unloads in 4 ish seconds.

Sweet and simple I love it, how much range you get out of it?

Greg, can I pleeeease have one?? I like the one on the right better. The yellow and black looks so sick on those bots. Have an amazing year team DeWalt!

Nice looking twins! What are their names?

Simple, elegant, and from what I’ve heard… effective. Talk about a strong rookie showing! This is a design that will have most veteran teams jealous.

The practice robot is definitely going to help your competition performance. We should see big results from 2775 this year.

I especially love the color scheme. Talk about corporate branding!

Good Luck at STL (watch out for 1444, I think they REALLY want the #1 seed this year),



Great looking bot, I expect great things out of 2775. Good luck you guys.

the front roller powered by a FP during this video it will be changed to a cim for more range. Enjoy.

Nice robots Greg! It’s weird not seeing you AT ALL this year. Rah-Cha-Cha isn’t the same! See ya maybe at Champs?

The one on the right is the competition bot and is sleeping in it’s crate for a few weeks.

The one on the left’s name is “shred” and the one on the right is known as “scarf”.