pic: 279 Teaser- Version 2.2

And yet another teaser, this one for a different portion of the robot. Same as last picture everything has meaning in this.

A swerve drive with 4 AndyMark omni wheels, using the mini bike motor to control the rotation of the 4 drive modules? I’ll tell you one thing I do know, I’m interested to see this take shape. Good luck guys.


I see 6 wheels jay, the tread is possibly for the middle wheels which look to be the IFI wheels.

Oh, look, holonomic with an IFI traction wheel shooter! :rolleyes: :smiley:

I also see a lead screw hmmmm…

Could it possibly be that you are planning on expanding your drivetrain outwards with the corkscrew shaft and are using the omniwheels to let you slide that direction? But how would you prevent from sliding sideways?

My brain is starting to hurt. Look forward to seeing more pics later. Good luck with whatever your making…

Mike C.

That looks like a dual drivetrain set up coming. The first is a holonomic drive with the omni wheels. The second is a drop down high traction drive that may or may not be turreted.

It could also just be a 6 wheel set up with some yet to be seen middle wheels that use the tread.

Lastly that long piece of chain implies probably a swerve drive.

hmm… thas 3 options… grumbles about teasers