pic: 2791 Completed Drivetrain

I couldn’t be more happy. After 5 weeks, we finally have our drivetrain done. Transmissions are likely too low of a reduction, but that’s not an impossible fix. I thought going 12FPS with 4 CIMs and no shifter seemed a little fishy… :stuck_out_tongue:

The kicker’s half mounted, it will be firing tomorrow. Video soon to follow.

I made a little video of the progress made today. A more in depth ship video will probably be made that’s better, but a few people kept asking me for it.

Looks like a great drivetrain. Are the center wheels lowered?

Have you calculated how it will behave over the bump when you add the upper frame and bumpers? Or tested it on carpet?

The center wheels are indeed dropped and the video shows the bot traversing the bump with no carpet. More tests will be conducted today.

looks great!

what was the song playing?


Fun comes when you get the bumpers on and drive over the bump :slight_smile:

looks like your cg is gonna be pretty low, so it should work fine

Center four (blue) wheels are lowered 1/8". We get the short wheelbase without the “rock” of 6wd. I love it.

We pulled out a carpet, but the battery died before we could do the all important tests with it. The bump climbing will likely be easier with it.

Bumpers and upper frame should make it a little higher CG, but if it becomes a problem that can be counteracted by mounting the battery or Clippard tanks lower on the robot.

Whitesnake, by Late Of The Pier. Check 'em out sometime, they’re one of my favorites.

Hopefully today’s the day for fun! More video should be on the way if progress gets made.