pic: 2791 Non-Teaser

This is where we left our shop at the end of the day today. The chassis assembly should be complete by the end of the week.

Are those the VEX pro gears? and is that a hanging mechanism?

Yes. We used a pair of 20:84 reductions to finish off this gearbox. TB3 internals elsewhere.

and is that a hanging mechanism?

That is probably something that this mechanism does.

I’m going to guess mecanum and a 254-esque 10-point hang.

2791 and mecanums? no way.
side note: those gearbox plates are looking pretty fancy with your numbers cut into them.

That was my first thought. Then I noticed that there are only 4 bearing mounts in the chassis.

Maybe Chris will finally get his video of a mecanum driving circles around a tank drive!

4 wheel WCD

It is in fact a 4 wheel WCD, with our, now customary, internal belts. I don’t think we will be jumping on the mecanum bandwagon anytime soon.

Thanks, the new HAAS has a lot to do with that. It is nice being able to have that kind of machining in house.

I also want to ditto Jack’s comment, I don’t foresee going away from the West Coast system, it is way too reliable.

Looking good! The numbers in the gearbox are awesome.

Out of curiosity, why was this powder coated prior to adding the bumper mounts? And was this welded or is it just the gusset plates?

The bumper mounts were powdered independently of the chassis and will be attached with some 10-24s.

The chassis is held together by some overly beefy 1/8 gussets, a 1/16 belly pan, and far too many 3/16 rivets. We decided to forgo welding this year as it saves 2-3 days in the build process.