pic: 2791 Scores In Autonomous!

Seeing the expression on my teammate’s faces is absolutely priceless. This is one of my favorite pictures ever.

By the look on our faces, you would think we just won the championship. I have to admit that the auto score was the cap to a great season.

At this years regional we had alot of can problems causing us to miss ALOT of matches.
one of my mentorss faces was freakin’ priceless.

He was talking to one of the opposing teams, and he told them “WE SCORED A TUBE!” and the other mentor gos “…Good for you?” Our mentor exclaimed “NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, THIS IS THE FIRST TUBE WE’VE HANGED TODAY!”
and the opposing mentor just shakes his hand “Congratulations!” It was freakin’ priceless.

I guess we felt the same way as you :stuck_out_tongue:

Now score three.


You first? :cool:

I was so happy when that thing scored. Only getting to fix it in between matches, having the matches be your testing time for autonomous was really a drawback. And even after it was working on the practice field in Connecticut (even though it didn’t work in a match(we had one match left)) it had a bunch of problems when we got to Battlecry. Not to mention, had it not been for that ubertube, we would have tied the other alliance who got a red card… Highlight of the trip right there. Me scoring more tubes than Alex (if I got auton and he got teleop tubes) to win that match and save us from one more match till we got eliminated.

Just as an afterthought, did anyone get a video of it/ know when/where/if the matches will be online?

We did two, and we don’t even floorload…



Really? Video?

They did it several times in quals at champs… it was pretty impressive.

Well, technically you do floor load…Still a very impressive solution to make up for a non-designed floor loading robot.

(Nick, If you want me to remove the video just holla’)

Also, congrats 2791 on getting your auton worked out.

That is sweet. I haven’t had a chance to watch 1503 until division finals. I asked for a video because I wanted to know how they were grabbing the second tube without being able to floor load.

They also use this “floor loading” technique at the end of the first Einstein semi-final. It’s awesome and one of 1503’s best kept secrets this year.

We dont floor load either and we actually scored a logo! :smiley: :smiley:

High five for scoring without floor loading!

1503’s scored 8 tubes… on Einstein. :slight_smile:

They did okay…:stuck_out_tongue:

Until they got stuck on the rack? (Too soon?)

Didn’t we get stuck in the exact same position in our last match of the year too?

Too soon:rolleyes:

Congrats 2791 on finally being able to sort things out for the offseason. I know how rough the season was to you guys.

Probably missed it because I was watching for minibots. You know… distance makes it hard for you to see every single action by 6 different robots. But I must say, our team loved the simplicity of team 1503.

While you are at it, it would be great if you can post some videos of your robot if you have it available. It would allow me to make some comment regarding the topic of this thread.