pic: 2791's Chassis

This is our 2011 Drive Train concept. We are running custom transmissions with 6 motors (shown all as CIMs but 2 are Bane Bots) because we are too cheap/poor to buy Super Shifters. The wheels are driven with Gates timing belt which is run inside the tube. 4" AM wheels on 1/2 Hex Shafts. With our current gear ratio of 7.4 : 1 we should be able to move at around 12 fps.

Are the extra CIMS intentional? We’re only allowed four this year.

$10 says they represent RS775s through a CIMulator.

are those cims? because your only allowed to use 4 this year…::safety::

My guess is they’re FP stand-ins.

Not quite certain the bumper mounts meet the spec distance, but that may be because I don’t know any dimensions. If those are 4" wheels, probably OK, otherwise take a close look.

Yeah they are 4" wheels, they meet the requirements.

sorry the other persons post wasn’t there when i looked at it lol sorry

we are only allowed to use 4 CIM motors this year right because if we are allowed to use more then i have to change my layout?

Yup. They’d be FPs, but we only got one… :frowning:

Where exactly are the CIMulators from? I’ve heard them mentioned a couple of times, but I’ve done a search on CD and a google search and I couldn’t find a link.

BaneBots new product. (read AM)

Very nice stuff Pinecone :stuck_out_tongue: (Idc how much I like your team, I still get to make fun of you!)


Oh my bad my bad. Mixed up the name with the CIMple Box from AM

Actually, nope. Banebots is making it. Check their website.

I wish it were an AM product though :frowning:


Banebots actually, not AndyMark

Nice use of Inventor!! :yikes:

You can view some preliminary pictures with electronics here.

We are planning on using Anderson connectors to enable us to put the Victors much closer together than otherwise possible. Wire paths have yet to be drawn out.

A) Are you planning on running the chain on the inside of the frame?
B) Are the bumpers going to be mounted right onto the standoff blocks, without any other support?

Yes and Yes.

The spacing between the edge of one stand off and the edge of the next closest stand off is always less then 8". Which is to say that the center points on the standoffs may be a bit more then 8, but if I am reading the rules correct “and no section of BUMPER greater than 8” may be unsupported)” just having material behind it suffices. And with a bolt holding it in place, and a generous amount of stand off to support the bumper from twisting, they should be good.

Nice work.

Something to consider. It looks like very little ground clearance.

If you have anything stick through the bottom plate, it could rub the carpet.

And, there is a small step in the carpet around the towers. There is a plate under the tower base, and then a layer of carpet covering it.