pic: 2791's robot: Simmons

For more detailed description check out our blog: team2791.wordpress.com

I’m pretty sure it’s named Gene! :eek:


  • 6 motor single speed drive, geared for about 11 feet per second
  • Cantilevered drive wheels driven by 9mm internal belts
  • Arm shoulder joint driven by window motor with custom dogged sprocket for post match reset
  • Arm made from 2.5" and 2" PVC - telescopes and locks open at match start to reach all three levels at ideal scoring angles
  • Pneumatic pinch claw made from 3/4" baltic birch plywood. Base plate made of sheet aluminium with nylon slider attached for effortless ground pickup.
  • Minibot deployment (to be attached) self centers in order to ensure pole contact
  • Minibot A climbs in under 4 seconds. Minibot B is to be determined…

Our best robot yet. See you at WPI and Connecticut.

Our preship video will be released sometime in the next 24 hours.