pic: 2809 K-Botics - The Arbalest with arm deployed

2809’s robot with our arm deployed.

Are you guys deploying the arm with the actuator? I’m not sure if you’re open to suggestions, but to save some air, instead of having the arm powered to open with pneumatics, try just opening it with a gas spring that is latched down using a servo with a little lock. This saved us the hassle of adding pneumatics and using more air. Then again, it may not even be a problem for you guys. Just a suggestion.

Looks really great though, I especially love the auger in the front by the kicker.

Looks great, hope to see it sometime.

(I love the far left flag. :))

We already have the weight for 4 tanks and a compressor on our robot for our kicker so we just stuck with a piston. its all 1/16" aluminum tubing, so it really doesn’t weigh much, all we need it to do is get the hook on the bar to velcro off and winch ourselves up. We get our folding out motion using simple climbing tape and two different sized hubs, instead of using chain and sprockets wich saved us even more weight.

I have a design drawn out just like this. Our orignal plan and backup plan for the hook didn’t work out so well, so were gonna build something like this and bring it in with our withholding allowance. Looks awesome.

One question though, Are you only using one hook and one cable to pull yourselves up with? Our group thought that we would need 2 for stability.

wow… thats the longest arm that i have seen on CD all year