pic: 2809 K-Botics - The Arbalest

Team 2809 K-Botics is proud to introduce this years creation, The Arbalest.

2809 will be competing at Pittsburg and GTR this year.


  • 6 wheel 6" diameter 1.5" wide IFI wheels, direct driven off AM Toughboxes with 2 CIMs each.
  • Arbalest kicking mechanism, uses piston to draw back crossbow like mechanism, using a electromagnet as the catch and release. Can score from midfield.
  • Active ball control mechanism.
  • folding out arm attaches hook onto tower and uses a CIM powered winch to pull ourselves up.

Our strategy focuses on having a fast and powerful drive base and not focusing on changing zones, with good ball control and an accurate kicker.

Great job, K-Botics! For those of you who don’t know, these guys had an amazing rookie season, easily becoming one of the top teams in Canada. From what I can glean from the photo, it looks like they’re ready to build on their success from last season. I’m a big fan of the “low rider” drivetrain and I think the decision to focus on one zone will benefit you greatly. Good luck, and I’ll see you in Pittsburgh!

Awesome job k botics!!! Can’t wait to see you in competition

Very cool.

When you say you will focus on one zone, do you mean you will start in one zone and stay there, or can you clear the tunnel if you need to?

We can go under the tunnel and over if we really need to, but from the get go we focused on being quick and powerful. We will see how the strategy works out, but I don’t see changing zones to be all that important if you are a midfield/offense bot.

how does the roller work ( as in how well )

and does it auto center very well?

Looks pretty neat…can yall go over a ramp and how far can yall kick a ball?