pic: 287 Hurricane Floyd

uummmmm, WOW. That is a truly amazing robot. Nice job.
3 things, what powers the swivel wheels in the back, as far as lowering them or raising them to adjust the tilt of the stacker mechanism.
2nd, what raises the stabalization arms that hold the boxes in the stack when your lift is tilted as it is in the picture

3rd, do you hve a way of righting your robot, it seems that it’s design could make it easy to fall/ tip over

Can you guys steal opponent stacks?

I like your method for “protecting” a stack. I also like the way you guys made your drive suit your design.

Nice Robot…

The tilt mechanism is controlled by the window lift motor and a chain drive. It is not a top heavy as it might look, the center of gravity is low. Yes, we can steal stacks and drive them to the other side.

Nice robot guys! Ill be looking foward to seeing you at the manchester regional. Hopefully ill have two of your former leaders with me. They both happen to attend MIT:-) anyways good luck and ill be watching for you guys to climb up the standings.

I hope you can bring those two up. We miss them very much, they did so much for the team and the school.
Mr. Ryon
Team 287 advisor