pic: 2877 2017 Robot

The Ligerbots are proud to present our 2017 competition robot, Daedalus. Thank you to all of the students, mentors, parents and sponsors who helped make this robot possible.
-3 Wheel
-West Coast
-2 CIM Versaplanetary Ball-shifting gearbox
-15 f/s top speed
-18” wide
-⅛” Polycord
-Angled plates funnel balls into feeder
-360 degree, high torque servo drives crossbar for agitation
-Feeder driven by Bag motor at 10:1 reduction
-Pushes balls with zip ties
-2 RS775Pro Motors geared 3:1
-3 ⅞ Blue Banebot wheels
-CNC cut shooter ribs
-Extended flap for consistent trajectory shooting
-Made from 4 versa hubs with threaded churros in between
-Velcro wrapped
-Pushing/Rope centering that balances to stay upright
-Power take-off from drive train for fast, powerful climber
-Pneumatically engaging ratchet to keep the robot up, even after the match ends
-Autonomous gear placement
-Autonomous shooter alignment

More pics of the DT? That 80-20 setup looks pretty nifty.

Here are some renders of the robot’s mechanisms, to give a better sense of how they look. I will update this with a DT photo when I have the time to look for one.

Sorry for the poor quality.
After a few years of using 8020, we learned that bolting through was the best method of building 8020 chassis, as over the course of the season we would notice slippage in the t-nuts and brackets.