pic: 291 & 2279 on 306 for 12


291, 306 and 2279 were one of the first alliances in Qualifications in Pittsburgh to get the double 12" bonus. Congrats to 306 for their award winning ramp design and to 2279 for ending the qualifiers as 1st seed.

hmm, by looking at this picture i wonder one thing. Does the flag count for being towards the 72X72 window? Because i would be scared if it did and 306 gets penalized in buckeye for that.

It does look like a great bot 306, and i hope to see it in life.

The Robot is defined as “Anything that has passed ROBOT inspection that a TEAM places on the field prior to the start of a match.” The flag is not included in inspection.

The 72" x 72" rule is “While outside of its HOME ZONE, a ROBOT may expand up to a maximum width of 72 inches and depth of 72 inches.”

So the flag is not included the ROBOT because it is not part of inspection so it is not included in the 72" x 72" rule. In conclusion, 306 shouldn’t have a problem with their flag being in violation I believe.

If we were going to have a problem with this, I believe we already would have… Especially since the ramp is 102 inches long :wink: