pic: 291's 2017 Offseason Robot: Alpha

A shot of CIA 291’s brand new robot, Alpha, after our win with 2399 and 2252 at the Mahoning Valley Robotics Challenge!

-Fast gear ground pickup
-Double wide shooter and belt indexer capable of shooting up to 10 fuel per second
-Vision tracking to align with the boiler
-reliable 3 second climb
-Lucky Hat!

A video of Alpha shooting at MVRC. It is number 6291 because we entered two robots.

We are going to add an over the bumper fuel intake and hopper extension for increased fuel capacity. We will be playing with Alpha at the Ra Cha Cha Ruckus in October.

See you there!

Oops. Here is the link to the video.:rolleyes:

It looks really good, well done!

I highly recommend a hopper extension. Even a 3" flap will help gather balls from the hopper. For most of the season we just had a flap that fell out with gravity once the robot started moving, but for IRI we added a little servo latch and spring to the flap that worked really well to hold the extension against the chute: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO95Qe_SxS6-3pDYAYN5I_3pStJAcSfZXUAOdv5


Yeah, we are going to add a full over the bumper hopper extension and fuel intake for the Ruckus. Your link appears to be broken, but I get the idea. It will add around 11" to our hopper and it will go right up against the chute to more effectively catch balls. Right now we can only hold around 50 fuel, with the extension it will be more like 90.

Hopefully we can play with each other for the third year at the Ruckus! :wink: See you there!

Hmm, weird - works for me. Let’s see if this works:

We’re working on our own off-season 2nd bot, so hopefully we’ll have 2 chances to play with you!

Neat robot design!

Looking good JC! Cant wait to see you and your team at GPR in 2018.

With Pittsburgh and Buckeye being back-to-back we may not make it down this year.

Weve done back to back last year… wasnt too bad.

Thanks! :cool:

Unfortunately back to back weeks would be too much for our team. So it will be either Pittsburgh or Buckeye and a different competition.

What’s the best way to quickly add a hopper extension if my team only has about a month until the offseason event? I’ve estimated that we hold only around 30 balls, but we need to hold somewhere in the order of 50-60 for shooting to be worth it for us.

Hmm… maybe I could help you better if you post a cad model or picture. What might work for my robot might not work for yours.