pic: 2929's Forklift + Climber, almost operational

3 weeks in and almost ready to mount the forklift on the robot. Not shown are the chains and motors, we’re still making the mounting brackets for those.

We’re using 2’ stroke air cylinders to raise our “hook”, then using the main forklift to raise the robot itself.

I hope you’ve done the math on the volume of air those cylinders you’ve chosen will need to extend and then retract.

We have. We debated over what ways we can deploy a winch, but in the end we decided to re-purpose the air cylinders we already had as the deploying mechanism.

They only extend, we’ll be using the rest of the forklift to lift the bot (more importantly, the bumpers) over the line.

Did this early on.

As it happens, if you use 1.5’’-bore, 2’-stroke cylinders and run them out at 30PSI and in at 60PSI, you’re more than covered with two black clippard tanks.

PSI drops as you use your tanks. So at some point you won’t get quite the full force of your actuators.