pic: 294 2011 Teaser

Our teaser for 2011 Logomotion… and also 2010 Breakaway, 2007/8 Quad Quandary, and 2001 Diabolical Dynamics.

Seeing that FTC bot brought back a lot of memories…

From FTC74 Team Overdrive, it was a blast having you guys as partners. :smiley:

WOW!!! its not every day you get to see TWO championship wining robots STACKED on top of each other!!!

and they won 10 years apart!!!

and the parts under the ftc bot look familiar…

I see three championship winning robots stacked there…

We’re hoping by the end of this year, that’ll be four.

I wouldn’t be suprised to see that.


I’m surprised nobody has commented on the actual teaser part of this

Ok for the teaser… I noticed what seems to be a lack of a tube picking up/ grabbing/ hanging/ claw-like device of any sort. Maybe a completely defensive and then minibot driven strategy?

Actually we weren’t planning on doing any of that. Once we machined the two supports under the Vex bot, we thought, “That’s good enough”. We’ll ziptie them together, lean them against a tower, and say we’re deploying a minibot. The other team won’t be able to see us very well, so they’ll get lots of penalties hitting us and interrupting our deployment. It sure makes the control board easy to make.

Is it legal

I’m fairly certain 294 will be making a highly offensive, legal, robot. :wink: World Champions aren’t flukes.

i dont want to be a killer but doesnt the minbot need to be build out of the ftc kit of parts not the vex parts???

This is a teaser…

I highly doubt that 294 is so ill-informed that they would attempt to enter one of their previous championship winning robots (FRC or FVC/FTC) in this years game…

Don’t be so sure… Here is our other teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtube_gdata_player&v=83MfO4OE3uU