pic: 294: Chairman's Award Teaser



Well… it’s not a bad idea! Throw in some finger sandwiches and you got a winner.

Am I the only one that thought it sort of looked like a wave? You know, they are Beach Cities.

Looks like clay to me. “Empty Bowls” maybe?

I believe that’s a top view of a paint can in which the paint has started to solidify. And for extra bonus points I’m going out on a limb to say they were or were attempting to use that paint on their shipping crate.

You’re all wrong…

It’s got to be pudding. :slight_smile:

Nah, whoever was writing Chairmans suddenly lost their lunch. yep.

lol even I had to ask Marygrace what this was, and I’M the main person writing the chairman’s paper!
Um…I can’t really say what it is or it refers to, but some of you are pretty close. :slight_smile:

As a second guess that wouldn’t have anything by chance to do with “The Spirit Room”? I’ll have to say your team really likes to keep other teams in suspense. Nothing like a good mystery! :stuck_out_tongue:

NO WAY!! you guys are so wrong … Clearly someone was sawing, breathing in saw dust all day long, had a terrible cold, and hawked up a big snotty loogy right into some cup nearby (to prevent having to go outside…)

…my goodness isnt it obvious??


***It was you wasn’t it??? :stuck_out_tongue: ***

that looks like a tall 12 or 16oz dixie cup which has a latex based paint in it. I am going to guess that it has to do with younger kids maybe helping the team paint say their crate or a room or their shop.

ummm…cough… no way!!

It’s proof. Aliens are real and they have invaded 294. After winning Chairman’s Award by controlling the judges with their mind control goo, they will come for me and the secret plans they have marked in my hair.

By the way, my shrink keeps using the word “paranoid” but I haven’t the slightest idea what it means. Can someone help me out?

Paranoid: adj. (see Crop-Circles)

Creative Vern :sunglasses:

Actually it looks like one of my wacky elementry school science experiments B-P

It somewhat looks like something being born out of mud. Like a snake or maybe someone just did in fact hob up a big loogy and that is the end result of everything.

LOL!!! My mind wanders with all the possibilities…

it must be chocolate flavored laxative. that’s gotta be it! so then right after they interview you, they run to the potty, and they have to give you the award because they can’t interview anyone else (or at least enjoy their interview with anyone else) lolz :wink: