pic: 294 Prototype Base frame rails


This was cut today. Its part of team 294’s prototype base we have been working on this summer. We got the milling time down to about two hours per panel. I am the lead student machinist on team 294, and plan to start posting more on delphi. comments???

Nice Job any idea what the weight is on that, and is that a finished rail or are you cutting all the way through on those triangles.

ooh sexy toolpaths.:smiley: it would be a sign you do to much robotics when you find toolpaths sexy.

how light did you get these?

well thank you for the feedback. The remaining material left in the “triangles” is only a 1/16 of an inch. This 1/16 of an inch add a significant amount of reinforcement to the panel. We debated the idea of punching through, but it just wasn’t worth the sacrifice of strength for the little amount it ways. I don’t have a weight at this time, but ill try to find out soon.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

These, and almost all of the other prototype parts were cut at El Camino College, in Torrance California. Our Machine Tool Technology teacher has been incredibly helpful, and loves a challenge. This shop is a great place to work and there are always people to offer advice. I learned how to machine (properly) just over a year ago, when my dad and I took a class here. We have both learned a lot, and my dad is great at making parts like these on the Haas VF-E, vertical mill, and he is a dentist. I would highly recommend approaching any community colleges in your area and trying to get support and training. They can be VERY helpful!!!

The plate [of which there will be 4] starts out as a 37.5 x 5 x .375 sheet of 6061 aluminum weighing 6.88 lbs.
After we are finished milling/webbing, the panel is 44% of its starting weight or 3.088 lbs.

This off-season project “Back in Black” has been the brainchild of our past team captain Adam Heard [now COLLEGE MENTOR] , and we [the Fabrication Subteam aka Monster-Fueled Machinists of 294 aided by the Machine Tool Technology Dept. of El Camino College & Northrop Grumman] have been desperately trying to get it fabbed ASAP so Adam can go off to college in peace. Along with this frame, we are fabing a modified version of the Killer Bees 4-speed transmission… hopefully from what we learn building this protobase, we will be ‘very competitive’ next year. Keep an eye out for teasers …

For a look at “the big picture” go to www.bcr294.org and click on the black base just to the left of the Monster logo… our Top not-so-secret Summer base project …

Nice to see my baby starting to come together.

Goodluck with it at the fall classic, I think i can make it.

That looks awesome… Very cool!