pic: 294 Teaser #1

Under the Tunnel
12 wheels
Bumpers not pictured

It looks like two frames sitting upside down and on top of each other to me :yikes:

Yeah. Where are you mounting your bumpers? :wink:

Please tell me that chassis will eventually make like Wisconsinites and get cheesed…

(PS- I am from Wisconsin, so it’s ok for me to make that statement! :yikes: )

My team has a very similar chassis that only weighs 30ish pounds. They have lightening on the inside of the AL rails though.

I want to know how you got the tread blue! That’s awesome! We’d love some green tread on our bot.

I think that is the Nitrile Rough Top tread that McMaster-Carr sells. It comes blue, not green, though.

McMaster page 1237

Search the forums for “nitrile”. McMaster-Carr sells the blue nitrile roughtop conveyor belting often used for traction wheel treads.

I believe they also have green PVC roughtop. I don’t know anything about its potential performance on an FRC robot, though.

You may wish to be careful with this design. You must put BUMPERS on, and the Q&A has implied that invertible ROBOTs, that intend to continue playing while inverted, must have their BUMPERS in the BUMPER ZONE even when inverted. This means, barring some crazy design I can’t fully wrap my head around at the moment, your robot must be ~26" tall, and therefore unable to traverse the TUNNELs.