pic: 294 Teaser #2

Looks to me like you just took your practice chassis and stacked it on top. It looks like there are too many cims to be one robot in this photo http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/34735? Sneaky sneaky

hows that too many? i see 4 and you are allowed 5

Needel is smrt.

That’s pretty cool. But I hope you are aware of the rule that prohibits you from having multiple orientations. By definition, you aren’t allowed robots that can flip and keep on going.

Nice try!:wink:

Looks really cool by they way!

count the wires… I think they are hiding the extra 4 cims with some clever photography

Those “extra” wires could be for quick disconnects to their control panel, just like we do on our robots

The GDC does not agree


But look at the two panels where they come together. They are not even meaning it is not one continuous piece and in both pictures there are no visible brackets to hold the two together. So they did a photoshop job.

Wow, a BIG whoops on my part. I guess I haven’t been keeping up with the Q&A as often as I need to! Sorry.

But such a robot would have to be much taller.

Beautiful chassises!

Clever, very clever.

Nice blue on the plaction wheels!

Actually, I think there are too many things missing in this picture for us to say one way or another whether this is one robot or two. For instance, the lack of chain.

They definitely look like custom wheels to me.

Not tall enough to be a flippable robot.

I like the chassis though. No idea why. :slight_smile:

Wow! The machining that was done to cut weight on the inside of those plates looks awesome! Flip the plates and show it off! Its quite a beauty. We’re planning on doing that, and it’ll be quite a looker. Hahaha I guess I missed the point of the teaser, but regardless, I like it

Plaction? They look like metal to me.

294 has a long history of doing this. Some of the prettiest frames in FRC.

Once again, great frames. Is that wheel design any different from previous years? New iteration perhaps?