pic: 294 Teaser #3

No manipulator yet…

No manipulator yet

i see a manipulator on the other side of the over pass

does it hit the overpass and pivot on the fulcrum, thus swinging the bar up and knocking the ball off?

We have the same chairs in our lab!

Oh nice robot. Does it have some kind of capstain drive? Can’t tell from the picture.

Can’t wait to see your manipulator…


Looks like some awesome machining, hopefully I can come see it up close in LA!

see below

Silly Jason…

look at our 2006 robot; that’s our version of the west coast drive…

The 2007 base was an original design from a collaboration with 687; The prototype and 2008 base were designs based on that collaboration.

Bah humbug, I’m electrical. I know not these drivetrains you speak of.

Looks good guys! The machining looks great! I can’t wait to see the manipulator get on that thing!

Hot off the Haas… the missing manipulators

Oh my Mr. Borel, I feel tingly all over.