pic: 294 teaser

Looks like a turret plate?

It does look like a turret plate.

I looks custom made, what kind of material is it?

From the picture it looks like wood.

It’s definitely plywood, not sure what type or grade though.

It’s clearly not a functional part for the robot, and seems to be some sort of statue or sculpture of an angry god.

I think I know exactly what part that hole pattern goes to…

There is only one comment for this…

OM NOM NOM NOM!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

they might be planning on epoxying it.

I’m guessing this is the wood prototype before the metal version for the final bot is made. :slight_smile:

Does this part mount anywhere near the 14 lb. shooter wheel ??? :wink:

In reference to: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/23184

im guessing plywood prototype of a turret , made on a waterjet at GKN. Im guessing the real part will be aluminum, and at least 3/8 thick(probably 1/2inch)…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

couldnt have said it better myself:cool:

294 welcomes 295 back to the LA Regional this year!

False, True, True, False

We set a record at the GKN waterjet; the code to make the part was 3700 characters long and took nearly 2 hours to cut. The best part is that the part came out perfectly. No need to redesign or remachine here! :smiley:

well thank you:D

definitely looks like a turret plate.

It’s the plywood backing that was used to cut the 3/8 thick aluminum turret plate (a sprocket) on the GKN water jet.

The teeth look #25 pitch to me, wouldn’t that make the aluminum plate 1/8"?

It looks more like a timing belt pulley (a really really big one!) than a chain sprocket, so 3/8" makes sense.

#25 chain

1/8 aluminum plate sprocket

204 teeth

Good catch Adam. You and Ryan are correct. 3/8 would be way too heavy!